Leicester Hospital opens a pediatric ward to honor and commemorate Khun Wichai

22 Apr

Mr Wichai Srivatanaprapa, former Leicester City Football Club president, who is loved and respected by everyone. Will remain in the heart forever Behind Leicester Hospital Announced the use of your name in honor of opening a new pediatric intensive care unit Charity Department of Leicester Hospital Announcement of renaming the intensive care unit of the pediatric intensive care unit and the pediatric intensive care unit Is a pediatric intensive care unit, Wichai Srivaddhanaprabha, to honor the former club president. "Siam fox" by this donation Reflecting kindness in public charity Which Khun Wichai has given to various services Of children at Leicester Hospital With a donation of 2 million pounds (100 million baht) after Leicester won the Premier League in 2016.The departure of Mr Wichai Srivaddhanaprabha caused tremendous shock. With the club and football fans a lot Football fans have raised more than 620,000 baht (13,700 pounds) to raise funds to build a pediatric intensive care unit to commemorate. Former beloved club president For the pediatric intensive care unit, Vichai Srivaddhanaphrapr is located at Leicester Royal Infirmary Hospital, Kensington Building, as part of the plan to build the first pediatric hospital in the central region of England. (East Midlands) to open Comprehensive pediatric patients

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